A-Book Brokers VS B-Book Brokers

Basically, the more losses traders suffer, the more profits brokers get. Authorities, however, generally encourage this method since it enables clients’ trades to https://www.xcritical.com/ execute at a better price due to the order being filled without delays. Both A-Book and B-book Forex brokers that are regulated have a “market maker license”.

Each broker can work with an unlimited number of aggregators and liquidity providers. The terms of the partnership will depend on the order execution speed, spread, and commission. There are several flaws in this scheme, which are easier to show with examples. You can learn more about Forex trades processing mechanisms, types of order execution, such as Market Execution and Instant Execution, as well as the A-Book and B-Book models in this article. I will deal in more detail with the principles of transactions transfer to the interbank market based on the A-Book model and the hybrid scheme.

What is the best A Book Versus B Book Brokers Trading Platform broker?

The foreign currency market is a continuously operating marketplace, open 24 hours per day, 5 days a week. Retail traders can use these markets to bet on the movement of currency prices through services provided by Forex brokerages. Bigger players in the Forex market include corporations, banks, and financial service providers — which makes this marketplace an integral piece of today’s global economy. It is estimated that more than 6 trillion US dollars are traded on the foreign exchange market every day. In fact, Forex brokers manage only a small percentage of this industry.

  • B-Book brokers, also known as Market Makers or Dealing Desk brokers, operate by taking the opposite side of their clients’ trades.
  • But don’t forget about unanticipated events, which occur on a regular basis and cause B-book brokers to incur massive losses, often for many months at a time.
  • This allows you to make a more wise decision when choosing a forex broker.
  • Whether you are trading during market hours or off-peak periods, there is always the possibility that the spread is fixed.
  • The irony of the entire thing is that as a trader, you do not know what book your trade is on.
  • The broker system sorts traders’ offers automatically at the best prices for financial instruments.

Angus Walker (ex-General Manager of IC Markets) is extremely critical of the B-book model after having witnessed how it operates from behind the scenes of the industry. A B-book is essentially a ledger of trades held by your broker listing trades which you placed, but these trades were not actually sent to the underlying market. Recently I was interviewed by a forex broker about my knowledge of the TradingView platform.


Imagine you want to buy some USDJPY, your broker places the order with the bank, the bank then digs into their vault and fills your order. The B-book model is a forex risk model that can bring quick and high https://www.xcritical.com/blog/a-book-vs-b-book-brokers-in-forex-trading/ profits, as well as drive a broker into depression. In conclusion, there are many myths surrounding the A and B Book in forex trading. As you read above, both these books have their own pros and cons.

Rather it is the lack of understanding of how dangerous leverage can be. Many retail traders, especially those new to trading, typically have no idea what good “risk management” looks like. Excessive leverage can lead to you blowing up before you have the chance to educate yourself, and offering high leverage with minimal requirements is a common trait of B-book brokers. Whereas an A-book broker is a business that offers their services to professional traders. Essentially, a B-book broker is a casino, and they want clients who are gamblers, not traders – and if their clients happen to ruin themselves financially, they could care less.

Hybrid Forex Broker Model

You might still pay commissions and/or a mark-up on the spread, but this does not mean that your trades will go STP. A forex broker can execute your trades in a number of ways. And it is in your best interest to understand how the trades are processed. You might have heard the terms “dealing desk broker” and “no-dealing desk broker.” These terms refer to the execution of trades. I was as shocked as you when I first learned how the inner workings of the brokerage industry operate.

a-book vs b-book brokers In forex trading

No business model, including the A-Book and B-Book models, can guarantee a successful firm or a lucrative transaction. These models are only tools for doing business, and the extent to which you gain personally from them is solely dependent on your ability to apply them in a professional manner. If the broker operates in this manner, it effectively leads to some dangers. Clients who have been duped will not keep quiet and will undoubtedly damage the broker’s image, which is crucial for achieving success in the forex market.

What is A book vs B book in Forex trading?

This includes very competitive spreads (sometimes as low as zero), fast execution, and the ability to get an execution on all instruments (including exotic currency pairs). In simple terms, the A Book model means your trade is passed through to the market and filled by what’s called a liquidity provider, which is basically a fancy term for Banks. Or, in other words, it is a non dealing desk broker that provides retail traders access to the real market where traders can trade one versus the other. Have you ever had to deal with the forex A-book/B-book models when studying the brokerage industry? Or maybe you’ve been debating which of these models to use for your own brokerage firm. However, B book brokers today will simulate your fill against the real market, and B book you.

a-book vs b-book brokers In forex trading

A-Book Brokers VS B-Book Brokers
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